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Jewelry Box Fairy House! Can be used for play/imagination, go in your garden, be a statement piece for room in your home...whatever you dream up! *see the TikTok now @jordansarahweatherhead*


The top of the piece is adorned with a mirror and a little deck patio vibe. The top 3 drawers are filled with magical trinkets & mosses. The bottom drawer is empty so you can add your own treasures to store! The left main door is filled with 2 fairies, moss, trinkets, a hanging plant, mushrooms, etc. The bottom "porch" as I like to call it is my favorite part with the bench and little birds & magic!


Price of this piece is based on all the material costs (i.e., trinkets, jewels, mini furniture, unicorn spit, acrylic paints, glues, etc.), time put into it (too many to admit), & packing materials to ship. Free shipping for U.S. orders!


This box is 14" (H) x 5" (W) x 11" (H)

Detailed Large Jewelry Box Magical Fairy House

$225.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price
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