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Hi everyone! Just a note:

My name is Jordan Sarah Weatherhead. I go by Jordan when being addressed, as it is my first name (Sarah is my middle name). I use my full maiden name for writing,

and several personal reasons. 

A lot of you have found me from around the Internet, seeing my quotes reposted, reading my rants on my social media, or from my book of poetry (Naked Truth), that I published in 2010. Whatever the case, I am SO GLAD you're here, and I appreciate you more than you know. 

I am so excited to start supporting WOMEN CRAFTERS who make amazing items for sale in the United States! When you support me & my family by making a purchase, you support them, too! Thank you so much & Happy Shopping!

Born & Raised: Leonard, ND (Population: 250-325ish)

Areas I've Lived: Fargo, ND - Detroit, MI - Orlando, FL

Children: Yes, 3 perfectly, wild sons

Married: Yes, I met my husband when I was 16 years old in Hawaii!

*More coming soon! 

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