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1. This is a set of vintage art writing kits, including quill pens, lacquer seals, wax pellets and ink bottles.
2. The small and exquisite metal stamp can be used as a pen holder or a fire lacquer stamp.
3. The meticulously carved metal owl image is embedded on the metal pen holder, and the shape is exquisite and beautiful.
4. Using retro embossed craftsmanship, exquisitely carved and elegant appearance, easy to use and brilliant writing.


Package List:
1 x Fountain Feather Pen
1 xInk Bottle
1 x Lacquer Wax Particle Bottle 1 x Teaspoon Lacquer
1 x Lacquer Pad
1 x White Wax
1 x Pen Tip
1 x Storage Box with Lid

Owl Feather Pen Dip Calligraphy Pen Set

$33.95 Regular Price
$15.28Sale Price
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