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Hi all! My love for Crown and Crafting have perfectly united! I am starting to sell my repurposed Crown bottles (or possibly other liquor bottles) to my lovely customers! I will be doing mid-size (375mL) or the full Crown bottle size for an upcharge. 


Choose your base color and I will notify you by email or account inbox to discuss the type of bottle you want (I.E. butterflies, skulls, horror, autumn leaves, etc.).


Each bottle at the $37 base price will include your choice of base color, a custom cork to fit the theme, your choice theme with up to 5 charms on the face, and a string or twine neck with an additional charm matching the theme. *any other custom or difficult to find requests may result in additional charges (keep reading)... 


PLEASE NOTE: If you do wish to have it double-sided, or generally something more difficult like custom names on the bottle, custom colors or charms (or difficult to find themes), I will have to charge you via Venmo, PayPal, or add a separate custom listing to cover the additional charges for your requests. 


I do not discourage this as the fees are minimal, but I just want to be clear! :) 


****************MORE INFO TO COME*********************


*Do not dishwash or soak. She perfers dry areas and a light patting if you need to dust her off*


+No exchanges, refunds, or returns. All sales are final.+

Custom Liquor Bottle PRICING MAY VARY

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